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REVIEW: In ‘Young Money,’ Recruits Face Realities Of The Street


Some six months into their new jobs at a Wall Street bank, two young, overworked and stressed-out financial analysts were having their second beers and discussing the best ways to literally kill...

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REVIEW: Flash Boys Offers A Seditious Conclusion


The book describes the problems with high frequency trading, but does it provide the right answer?

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Online Advisors: Competitive Threat?

by Cliff Campeau

Online wealth managers might be seen as competition, but they also present advisors with opportunities.

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Retirement's Window Seat

by Robert Laura

Once you establish trust with clients, they may turn to you to help see things from a different perspective and help them resolve moral dilemmas, says columnist and advisor Robert Laura.

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Time To Raise -- Or Scrap -- The Social Security Payroll Cap


A small number of wealthy Americans have something to celebrate: They are done paying Social Security taxes for the year.

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Not Your Grandfather’s CFP Board


The chairman of the CFP Board says a blog by FA's editorial director includes "broad and unsubstantiated accusations about the operations and ethical stewardship of the organization."

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Tax Reform: Don’t Discourage Much-Needed Retirement Saving For Economic Growth

by Pinar Çebi Wilber

Recent tax reform proposals have targeted tax-deferred retirement accounts to raise revenue to pay for other parts of their plans, says this economist.

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EU VAT - Why Change The European Tax System?

by Daniel Clark

For many on the outside looking in the EU taxation system is very complicated. It is - and that’s why the 2015 VAT changes aim to simplify the process...

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Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of U.S. Territories

by David Ashley

Puerto Rico has suffered a high-profile fiscal struggle but less well-known are the challenges facing holders of debt in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

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MPT And Portfolio Risk Assessment

by Philip S. Wilson

Modern portfolio theory is still valid, especially in an age when investors must be aware of risk.

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