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SRI Fund Surprises

by FA Staff

Dorsey Wright says market turbulence has shifted its October ranking of SRI funds and ETFs.

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SPONSORED CONTENT: Help Clients Avoid Emotional, Irrational Investment Decisions


Advisors can use less correlated investments to help clients protect against losses, especially during the draw-down phase.

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Ebola In New York


The founder of WorldClinic assures readers that the chances of others contracting Ebola from the doctor who is infected is slim to none.

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Ebola Update: Cautious Optimism


The founder of a global concierge telemedicine practice assesses the news on the deadly Ebola virus.

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Financial Advisors As Expert Witnesses -- A Good Idea?

by Joseph Cordell

Lucrative opportunities exist for an experienced financial advisor to serve as a retained expert witness providing testimony in court, says this attorney.

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Life Insurance As A Retirement Solution

by David T. Buckwald

Life insurance allows retirees to spend a higher percentage of their portfolio after they stop working, tap emergency cash if needed, and pass more wealth to their spouse and heirs.

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The Case For A High And Growing Dividend Stock Strategy In Retirement Portfolios

by Jan Holman

Thornburg expands on Bill Bengen's research by offering a strategy that it asked Bengen himself to study and may allow higher withdrawals than he originally proposed.

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Five Retirement Recommendations To Help Every Client

by Robert Laura

Here's a short list of recommendations designed to spark conversations, uncover business opportunities and develop client loyalty like never before, says columnist Robert Laura.

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Will Old Age Again Become A Time Of Deprivation For Many U.S. Residents?


A new Towers Watson report shows that more and more U.S. workers are getting pushed into inadequate retirement plans by the country's largest employers. Worse, their employers acknowledge as much.

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The One Indispensable Book On The Mania/Panic Cycle

by Nick Murray

Nick Murray reviews a book he calls "the best work on the subject that we will ever have."

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