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The Big Issues For Advisors In 2015

by Bob Jones

Advisors can meet the threat of robo-platforms and lower fees by putting a focus back on clients' goals and finding products that fit the bill.

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Retirement Planning Reflections

by Robert Laura

Retirement success isn't what you think.

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Toeing The Line

by Joseph Cordell

Financial advisors must be careful that they don’t wander into unauthorized law practice.

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REIT Valuation Rule Good For Advisors

by Jacob Frydman

A new Finra rule will shed some light on non-traded REIT valuations.

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The Troika Of FA Digital Marketing

by Cliff Campeau

There are three proven tools that should form the basis of an advisory firm’s digital marketing program.

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2014 Flu Shot May Not Work

by Dr. Dan Carlin

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that the strain of influenza virus chosen as the basis of this year's vaccine does not match the common strains of flu virus now circulating.

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“This Changes Everything”: Are We On The Eve Of Destruction?

by William L. Haacker

A new book dealing with climate change pits fundamentalist capitalist philosophy against the survival of the world.

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A Look At The Fed's Stress Tests

by Daniel Satchkov

Fed scenarios have taken a somewhat benign view of corporate credit, while doing a very good job on evaluating potential equity market shocks, says the president of a stress-test software company.

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Is The CFP Board Losing Its Focus?

by Dan Moisand

Columnist Daniel Moisand questions CFP Board action on the case of Alan Goldfarb and new projects that may be diverting the Board from its main purpose.

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America’s First Christmas Miracle: A Book For You, A Film For The Family

by Nick Murray

The events of Christmas Day 1776 are told in this must-read book and in a marvelous A&E film, says Nick Murray.

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