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SPONSORED CONTENT: Help Clients Avoid Emotional, Irrational Investment Decisions


Advisors can use less correlated investments to help clients protect against losses, especially during the draw-down phase.

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Ebola Update: Cautious Optimism


The founder of a global concierge telemedicine practice assesses the news on the deadly Ebola virus.

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Financial Advisors As Expert Witnesses -- A Good Idea?

by Joseph Cordell

Lucrative opportunities exist for an experienced financial advisor to serve as a retained expert witness providing testimony in court, says this attorney.

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Life Insurance As A Retirement Solution

by David T. Buckwald

Life insurance allows retirees to spend a higher percentage of their portfolio after they stop working, tap emergency cash if needed, and pass more wealth to their spouse and heirs.

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The Case For A High And Growing Dividend Stock Strategy In Retirement Portfolios

by Jan Holman

Thornburg expands on Bill Bengen's research by offering a strategy that it asked Bengen himself to study and may allow higher withdrawals than he originally proposed.

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Five Retirement Recommendations To Help Every Client

by Robert Laura

Here's a short list of recommendations designed to spark conversations, uncover business opportunities and develop client loyalty like never before, says columnist Robert Laura.

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Will Old Age Again Become A Time Of Deprivation For Many U.S. Residents?


A new Towers Watson report shows that more and more U.S. workers are getting pushed into inadequate retirement plans by the country's largest employers. Worse, their employers acknowledge as much.

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The One Indispensable Book On The Mania/Panic Cycle

by Nick Murray

Nick Murray reviews a book he calls "the best work on the subject that we will ever have."

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Social Security Benefits From Former Spouses

by Dan Moisand

In many cases you'll be able to help clients get more in benefits if you understand how they can collect on their former spouses' work records, says columnist Dan Moisand.

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The Cost Of Sloppy Bookkeeping


Whenever the financials become suspect -- either for a multinational tech giant or an American small business -- it affects company valuation, but by how much?

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