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Online Advisors: Competitive Threat?

by Cliff Campeau

Online wealth managers might be seen as competition, but they also present advisors with opportunities.

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Retirement's Window Seat

by Robert Laura

Once you establish trust with clients, they may turn to you to help see things from a different perspective and help them resolve moral dilemmas, says columnist and advisor Robert Laura.

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Time To Raise -- Or Scrap -- The Social Security Payroll Cap


A small number of wealthy Americans have something to celebrate: They are done paying Social Security taxes for the year.

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Not Your Grandfather’s CFP Board


The chairman of the CFP Board says a blog by FA's editorial director includes "broad and unsubstantiated accusations about the operations and ethical stewardship of the organization."

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Tax Reform: Don’t Discourage Much-Needed Retirement Saving For Economic Growth

by Pinar Çebi Wilber

Recent tax reform proposals have targeted tax-deferred retirement accounts to raise revenue to pay for other parts of their plans, says this economist.

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EU VAT - Why Change The European Tax System?

by Daniel Clark

For many on the outside looking in the EU taxation system is very complicated. It is - and that’s why the 2015 VAT changes aim to simplify the process...

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Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of U.S. Territories

by David Ashley

Puerto Rico has suffered a high-profile fiscal struggle but less well-known are the challenges facing holders of debt in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

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MPT And Portfolio Risk Assessment

by Philip S. Wilson

Modern portfolio theory is still valid, especially in an age when investors must be aware of risk.

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'The Shot Heard Round the World' Echoes Still


Writer Nick Murray reviews one of his favorite nonfiction books, and says it is a story, and even a belief system, that is being lost in American universities, where there is a broad prejudice...

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24 Social Security Quirks That May Help Or Hurt Clients

by Dan Moisand

One of the country's most popular yet complex programs must be analyzed to figure the best claiming strategy for clients, says columnist and advisor Dan Moisand.

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