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Maximizing Social Security Benefits Using Advanced Distribution Strategies

by Robert M. Black

More financial advisors should become familiar with these strategies to get clients the most in benefits, says this advisor.

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When History And Asset Allocation Collide


A CIO offers a new paradigm for generating enough retirement income for clients.

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Capitalizing On Boomers' Need For Relevance, Influence And Context

by Robert Laura

Advisors need to use retirement’s never-ending evolution to improve the lives of their clients and extend the brand and capacity of the industry.

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New Evidence Shows Frequent Flyers May Face Big Health Risks


New scientific evidence is making accusations more credible that airplane cabin air kills, says this columnist.

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Only Bernie Madoff Spends Assets

by Mark Hurley

AUM is an absurdly overused statistic in the advisory world that says little about the quality of the profession's participants, says Mark Hurley, founder and CEO of Fiduciary Network.

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Why You Should Have A Risk Conversation With Clients Now

by Alex Potts

Bear markets are a normal and temporary part of the market cycle, but human behavior can make these episodes especially painful.

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Kindred Spirits

by Marie Swift

Loring Ward CEO Alex Potts and DFA co-CEO David Booth talk about the markets, the economy and the future of the advisory profession.

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Medicare Costs: How Long Can The Good News Go On?


Medicare premiums will not rise in 2015 for the third consecutive year.

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For August At The Beach: An Absorbing Novel Of The Financial Crisis

by Nick Murray

Nick Murray says this novel is "outrageous fun" and may help resolve the conflict between one’s hankering for an entertaining beach read and one’s compulsion to find instructive insight into the...

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Alternative Investment Strategies Can Hedge Against Rising Interest Rates

by Dorothy C. Weaver

Alternatives can help advisors construct a portfolio that can generate an attractive return, while seeking to protect capital under a variety of market environments.

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