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Advisors Can Greatly Help With Two Divorce Subjects

by Joseph Cordell

There are two complex subjects in a divorce where a financial advisor can be immensely helpful: structuring divorce settlements in a tax-advantaged manner and the division of retirement benefits.

Investing In Private Equity: What Advisors Need To Know

by ,

Most investors do not understand how to find a private placement opportunity that would meet their risk profile.

Entrepreneurship Offers Retirement Income And Well Being

by Robert Laura

Entrepreneurship can be viewed as an alternative asset class and source of retirement income, maintains columnist and advisor Robert Laura.

VIEW: Obama's Tax Reform Is Dead On Arrival


A lottery ticket would have more chance of changing your clients' finances than Obama's tax proposals being officially unveiled tomorrow, says our Washington correspondent.

Getting Your Message Across

by Eleanor O'Sullivan

A new book offers many practical steps to financial advisors on how to increase their business, says our reviewer.

Part 2: How to Avoid Common M&A Marketplace Pitfalls in 2015

by Jeremy Holly

This is the second installment of a two-part series exploring how firms can position themselves as buyers of choice in 2015.

The Art of Samurai Benchmarks

by Christophe Gauthron

Once your client is familiar with benchmarks, educate him on why they are useful not only for past performance analysis, but for future planning.

Part 1: How To Position Your Firm As A Strategic Buyer In 2015

by Jeremy Holly

Here are five steps advisory firms can take to make sure they can buy another business.

Women Need More: Three Keys To Becoming The Advisor Of Choice For Women And Couples

by Ann Hughes

The three keys will help you gain the confidence you need to garner the trust and respect of female clients that will create lasting relationships.

What Does Bitcoin Mean For Advisors?

by Hannah Shaw Grove

Wealth advisors – especially those with fiduciary responsibilities – have an obligation to get educated on the digital currency and understand the implications for themselves, their practice and...

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