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J.P. Morgan Exec's Book Explores History Of Money And How It Has Affected Us


A person who believes a huge financial gamble is about to pay off experiences the same brain activity as in one about to get a hit of cocaine, and the thought of a financial windfall is even more...

The Two Faces Of A Fiduciary Standard: Positive And Punitive


The national debate fanned by President Obama over new fiduciary standards for financial advisors shows that the country is veering too much toward punishment, says expert Donald Trone.

Millennials Need Debt Bailout To Avoid Poverty Trap


Although many young people escape poverty as they get older, many others do not and need help, says this columnist.

Bringing Jobs Back Home

by Scott Hastings

Companies have been bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Five Things To Watch In The RIA Space In 2015


Changing demographics and generational wealth transfers will lead to tremendous shifts in the RIA business.

Exploring The Edges Of Retirement


Approaching retirement planning as a voyage that embraces both the known and the unknown leads to very different conversations than much of those that take place in many advisor offices.

The Engineering Miracle That Defined America


The epic and amazing story of the Erie Canal is to be found in this scrupulously researched and brilliantly written book, says Nick Murray.

Dorsey Wright Ranks Fund At Top Of SRI Equity

by Benjamin Jones and Steven Raymond

The RIA gives high marks to the Ariel Investor Fund for its technical strength.

Frontier Markets: Concentrated And Misunderstood

by Tim Atwill

If you're seeking adventure in the frontier markets, beware the challenges.

Advisor Marketing In The Year Of 'Robolove'


As you market, consider that people are getting more comfortable talking to robots, but they want you to really be you.

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