March 2012

The Power Of Perseverance

by Jeff Schlegel

Kevin Kroskey overcame hurdles-including prison-to create a thriving advisory firm.

Beyond The 1% Noise


How the experience of the U.S. elite and middle class has changed is examined in two new books.

Economists Love 'Em, Clients Hate 'Em

by Dan Moisand

Immediate annuities make sense to economists. So why don't clients like them?

Consolidation Quickens

by David Lawrence

Advisors are increasingly turning to others to increase service and decrease costs.

A Huge Opportunity

by Bill Bachrach

Why flat fees are going mainstream.

Exceptional Advice

by Mitch Anthony

Advisors can learn about giving great advice from the approach taken by golf instructors.

When To Prune

by Joni Youngwirth

One can find good reasons to cut clients and good reasons not to. Advisors who do are typically happy they took action.

The Changing Affluent Investor

by Bernie Clark

Advisors must prepare for new affluent clients and the changes, attitudes and expectations they will bring with them.

Social Media Hurdles

by Gail Liberman

Some advisors are using social media for marketing, but many haven't spent much time using it because of compliance issues.

Secure Your Content

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

SafeSync for Business provides a way to securely share and access your firm's data online.

Emerging Opportunities

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

Although some say emerging markets are fully valued, that hasn't stopped managers from introducing funds to take advantage of growing economies.

When Mother Nature Strikes

by Bruce W. Fraser

Weather risk management is growing in importance.

Avoiding Losers

by Michael J. Reed

This model aims to avoid underperforming stocks rather than picking outperforming ones.

FA's Annual SMA Ranking

Click here for Financial Advisor's annual ranking of the top separately managed accounts in nine categories. 

Slow Build

by Tom Lydon

Companies have lined up to introduce active ETFs, but so far less than 1% of ETF assets are in these products.

Staying Disciplined

by Marla Brill

Manager Jayme Wiggins hits a home run with his small-cap fund by aiming for consistency.

Is Home Where The Head Is?


Home ownership is baked into the American dream. But after the housing bubble burst, some advisors see it as a recipe for disaster if people stretch their means to do it.

Second Chances

by Barbara Potter

Sometimes, a corporate trustee is the best choice to manage a trust left to a second spouse, and that eventually benefits children of the first marriage.

Distinguishing Yourself

by Paul Ellis

You can attract clients by offering sustainable investing strategies. Here are some key concepts and marketing approaches.

A Compelling Asset Class

by Eric Uhlfelder

MLPs provide a source of reliable income and asset price stability that's hard to match.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Whitebox Advisors Launches Alternative Mutual Funds Whitebox Advisors, a Minneapolis, Minn...

Editor's Note

What A Reversal


In mid-February, I had the opportunity to listen to a conference call from the provocative DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach in which he drew many parallels between today's world and the...

Frontline News

Raymond James Hedges Bets

At a CEO panel at this year's Financial Services Institute conference in late January, Raymond James Financial Services (RJFS) CEO Dick Averitt related a story of how the independent...

UBS Reeling In Merrill Advisors

by Jeff Schlegel

The big four wirehouse firms are always trying to poach top talent from their rivals, but UBS Wealth Management seems to be doing a particularly job good job of late when it comes to...

So You Think You're A Financial Planner?

Though being a financial planner has a certain cachet, not everybody who calls himself one is acting like one...

Women To Advisors: Understand Our Needs

Various surveys of late have painted a picture that women's financial needs aren't being met by the advisory industry...

In Advisors We Trust

At a time when John Q...

Advisors Take Fund Research Into Their Own Hands

by Juliette Fairley

Last year, the ARGI Financial Group, a Louisville, Ky...

Massachusetts Addresses Social Media Regulation

by Mike Byrnes

Everybody knows what social media is...