January 2014

Financial Advice In 2034

by Jeff Schlegel

The advisor profession is evolving for a new generation.

Owner, Manager And Leader

by Philip Palaveev

A firm’s strength comes from the deep involvement of its decision-makers.

A Partner In Success

by Deena Katz

A good partnership with a mentor is reciprocal, collaborative and comfortable.

A New AGEnda

by Mitch Anthony

No organization should be able to require people to retire.

Smooth Sailing

by David Lawrence

New software may make it easier for advisors to handle large amounts of data.

The Next Wave

by Donald B. Trone

Here’s why the fiduciary movement is over. Advisors who want to lead in the financial services industry must look to the next cause.

How To Become Exceedingly Successful

by Russ Alan Prince & Brett Van Bortel

You need to implement four critical sets of behavior.

Gender Noise

by Cathy Seeber

Differences in how men and women communicate are overrated. Here’s a better way to talk with all your clients.

When Smaller Is Better

by Joel Bruckenstein

Smaller custodians often are faster at providing new tech services to advisors.

Bunker Time?

by Eric Rasmussen

The bears are coming out, as the end of quantitative easing and overheated valuations make some think it’s time to sell stocks.

Healthy Choices

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Helping consumers improve their health and hygiene can boost companies’ financial wellness.

Loss Aversion Is Real

by Thom Allison and Andre Golard

It’s difficult to overcome, but there are ways to help clients manage it.

A Broad Palette

by Marla Brill

Manager Stephen Smith points to the advantages of developing-market bonds.

The Changing Face Of Health Insurance

by Ben Mattlin

Much like they did when 401(k) plans were new, advisors need to help clients tackle a tremendous learning curve.

Wildly Successful GRATs

by Kristin T. Abati and Renat V. Lumpau

This provision may help the grantor if GRAT assets appreciate dramatically.

More Complexity, More Delays

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

Buying or refinancing a home can become an exercise in frustration.

Is Your Firm Ready?

by Ron Carson

If you went to sleep tonight and didn’t wake up, would you entrust your family’s money to your wealth management firm?

Final Regs Cut Investment-Income Surtax For Some

by Eric L. Reiner

Real estate professionals and some business owners will pay less Medicare surtax as a result of final Internal Revenue Service regulations announced in late November.

Advisor Emporium

Lincoln Concierge Offers LTC Tool

by FA Staff

Lincoln Financial Group’s new Concierge Care Coordination service is designed to simplify the coordination of formal and informal long-term care service options.

Editor's Note

Longevity And Annuities Evolve

by Evan Simonoff

It's ironic that when once-derided insurance and annuity products should be reaching their years of peak demand, their purveyors are actively seeking to limit supply.

Frontline News

RIAs Have Grown While Other Advisory Channels Haven’t

by FA Staff

The number of registered investment advisors plying their trade jumped by an annualized rate of 8% between 2004 and 2012, according to Cerulli Associates.

Taxes Might Lead Some U.S. Expats To Renounce Citizenship

by FA Staff

Nobody likes taxes (other than the taxman), but some people hate them to the point of renouncing their citizenship.

Advisors Expand ETF Usage

by FA Staff

Advisors are allocating more portfolio assets to ETFs, and expanding the number of ETF providers they use.

B-D Fiduciary Role Bad For Advisors, Attorney Says

by Ted Knutson

Financial advisors will lose if B-Ds are also given a fiduciary duty because it will take away one of their chief competitive advantages, attorney says.

Fiduciary Standard For Brokers Backed By SEC Advisory Panel

by Bloomberg News

Investment brokers advising retail customers would face a standard requiring them to recommend products in the best interest of clients.

LPL Dips Toe Into RIA Compliance Consulting

by Dan Jamieson

LPL will have to walk a tightrope with its plans to offer an outsourced compliance consulting service to affiliated RIA firms.

Will Your Clients Outlive Their Funds?

by Dan Kern & Tim McCarthy

A recent study found that survivorship of mutual funds was strikingly low and that investors are likely to outlive many of their mutual funds.