July 2015

2015 RIA Survey & Ranking


Despite lingering challenges, the RIA industry remains in upbeat mode.

Social Security Cuts Punish Middle Class


N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to means-test benefits will have undesirable ripple effects.

Improve Your Practice By Making It 4D


Here’s how to have more time to spend with clients.

Money’s White Lies (Part II)


A look at more of money’s false promises.

The Resurgence Of The Middle Class Millionaire In Two Acts

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Today, he or she is likely to be more financially cautious.

Where’s The Juice?


In a market with overheated stock values, dividend investors want stocks that pay. Finding good ones means greeting new names, and contending with old problems.

Powering Up


Enthusiasm for renewable energy is expanding and so are the investment options.

DoubleLine’s Smart-Beta Fund Is A Hit


The fund uses a price-momentum strategy, avoiding overvalued stocks.

Beyond The Numbers


Clients need to prepare themselves not just financially, but emotionally, for retirement.

Long-Term Care Options Proliferate: Are They Viable?


Despite fewer carriers in long-term care, there are more options than ever for an aging population.

Seats At The Big Kids’ Table


Advisors have yet to earn proper respect in finance and public policy.

Advisor Emporium

LPL Expands Private Client Platform


LPL Expands Private Client Platform Boston-based LPL Financial LLC has expanded the availability of “Private Client,” a platform for financial planners serving high-net-worth clients,...

Editor's Note

Follow The Money


The goals of providing for one’s family and achieving financial independence can often conflict with each other.

Frontline News

Voya Internship Program Attracts Female Advisors


Voya’s Women Advisor’s Network College Intern Program aims to bring more females into the advisor profession.

The 40-Year Plan Of A 22-Year-Old Financial Advisor


Leon Baburov has two years experience under his belt and, for now at least, envisions where his career path is going over the next four decades.

What’s In Your Impact Investment?


Aeris and the Global Impact Investing Network have teamed up to devise better metrics to gauge the impact of impact investments.

Mobile Millennials


Millennials will be a different breed of cat than their parents or grandparents have been when it comes to how they consume financial advice.

Get Into Your Client’s Brain, Psychologist Says


Financial advisors need practical experience in using behavioral techniques to help their clients deal with their finances, says one of the founders of the Financial Psychology Institute.

New Online Tool Sets Price For Your Advisor Business


3xEquity is offering advisors an online tool to help them assess when the time—and price—is right to sell their businesses.