February 2016

Born In An Oil Bust


Two partners struggled with a hemorrhaging Texas economy when building their firm, but they also landed some clients with big futures.

Profiling The Winners Of The Future


It won’t be robo-advisors, but rather big RIA firms and small specialized ones.

Welcome To A Rocky 2016


In the year just ended, the world’s securities markets were unkind to most asset classes.

Slowing Is Not Stopping


And other commonsense talking points for 2016.

6 Ways To Develop The Most Essential Communication Skills


The goal: providing exemplary client service.

The Power Of Value-Added Services

by ,

They can help you solidify and strategically expand relationships.

From Footlights To Finance


Having achieved Broadway theater dreams early in life, Pearce Wegener threw it over to find his true calling in financial advising.

5 Questions For Advisor Recruiting


They are a great starting point for decision-making.

RIA Custodian Technology


A look at how Pershing, Raymond James and Schwab are addressing advisor needs.

Post-Hike Pursuits


Fixed-income asset managers plot their strategies as interest rates slowly rise.

Making Sense Of MLP Closed-End Funds


Owning these oddball companies in closed-end funds presents additional complications.

The Case For International Stocks


This fund’s performance suggests a foreign turf advantage.

Hybrid LTC Policies Proliferate


The trend parallels weak sales of LTC stand-alone policies.

Advisor Innovation And Client Dementia


Advisors can improve how they protect senior clients.

Advisor Emporium

BNY, Insight Bring Absolute Return Fund Stateside


New York-based BNY Mellon Investment Management has launched its first fund subadvised by London-based Insight Investment.

Editor's Note

Demographics, Not China, Drives Long-Term Equity Prices


Global demographics is one of the few trends that can be predicted 20 years and America’s future looks bright.

Frontline News

Ready For Smart Alpha?


ArthVeda Capital has created a suite of Smart Alpha indexes it hopes to turn into investable products in 2016.

Great Scott! Scottrade Broadens Scope


Scottrade seeks to expand both its advisor client base and its breadth of service offerings.

New Tax Rules For 2015 And Beyond


Congress has made permanent many of the so-called “extenders,” those temporary tax breaks with a record of temporary renewal.

Wunderbar! A Solar Investment Fund Seeks FAs


Wunder Capital is reaching out to financial advisors to invest in commercial solar projects.