August 2016

Social Security: A Planning Paradox


New rules and future unknowns make Social Security planning a moving target.

Brexit Could Be Just The Start


Europe could be mired in soul-searching for years.

Compatible Clients: Time Well Spent

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Time management is not only about counting minutes; it’s about good relationships.

How To Work Effectively With The Media


Ever hear this one? “It’s not what you know but who you know that counts.”

Time For Poaching?


The changes in the independent broker-dealer space might mean it’s a good time for recruiting.

Do Sponsorship Deals Pay Off For Advisors?


From motor racing to recycling drives, some advisor firms sponsor entities and events as a marketing strategy.

Getting Well


Advisors are turning to younger physician clients, using new models to bet on the future wealth of doctors.

In The Lead


Can TD Ameritrade maintain its technology edge?

REITs Could Go Even Higher


Despite their higher stock prices, REITs still enjoy good fundamentals, and they are about to get a huge boost from their new index status.

10 Simple Rules For Alts


More alt funds mean great choices, but also more room for mistakes.

Keeping The Bear At Bay


The Swan Defined Risk Fund uses options strategies designed to control risk while also giving investors a shot at reward.

Playing Detective


Unlocking clues to a decedent’s estate requires patience and persistence.

The DOL Standards Are Coming! Get On Board


Critics predict disaster, but time is on the side of authentic professionals.

The Secret To Their Success


A Look At The Winning Approaches From Leading Liquid Alts Fund Managers

Advisor Emporium

Fidelity Adds Three New Mutual Funds, Rebrands Lineup


In an attempt to bulk up its mutual fund lineup and create more brand consistency, Fidelity Investments has introduced three new equity funds and renamed others.

Editor's Note

Low Equity Returns Aren't New


While one can argue whether equities are fairly valued or somewhat expensive, the problem lies elsewhere.

Frontline News

Advisor's Work On Broadway Earns Two Tonys


Ken Mahoney’s sideline as a Broadway producer has led to a handful of awards and some neat perks for his clients.

Signator: DOL Rule Will Drive Fees To 90% Of Revenues By 2018


The DOL rule is likely to accelerate Signator Investors’ fee revenue from the current level of 60% to 90% by 2018.

Morgan Stanley Targets Ways To Use Private Capital For World Problems


Lily Scott Trager, director of investing with impact at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, talks about her company’s efforts to boost sustainable investing.

Can Americans Afford A Really Long Life?


An Allianz survey examines how different age group are dealing with the idea of living longer both philosophically and financially.

UBS, BofA Merrill Lynch Lead Private Bankers With $3 Trillion


Overall assets held by the world’s wealthiest people slid last year.