October 2020

Choosing The Highest Safe Withdrawal Rate At Retirement


When we close in on safer retirement withdrawal numbers, inflation must be taken into account.

How Do You Scale Special?


Advisors must learn to make their process systematic and also somehow personal.

The Five Best 2020 Tax Planning Ideas


This year will offer certain tax planning opportunities you won’t see in the future.

Is Succession In Founders’ Economic Interest?


There’s a dirty secret when it comes to succession planning, and nobody likes talking about it.

Malta Pension Plans For Your Clients?


These plans allow business owners to forgo many taxes they would pay on shares of their sold businesses.

2020: The Year of Anxiety


We’re all in this together. And not.

Dueling Approaches To Roth Conversions


Traditional Roth conversion strategies need to be challenged in light of the SECURE Act.

Planning This Election Year


In 2020, clients likely are considering how to take advantage of current gift tax exemption mounts. Should they be concerned about giving too much away?

Methods Of Motivation

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How do private companies motivate employees in both the short and long term?

ARK Zeroes In On Transformative Disruption


ARK Invest’s innovation-focused ETFs have delivered big returns.

Will 2020 Disrupt The Model Portfolio Boom?


Advisors are conflicted about whether third-party model portfolios are right for them.

When Small Caps Grow Up


Small-cap star manager Amy Zhang adds a mid-cap fund to her resume.

Virtual Retirement Reality


How do we center our clients when their reality looks like a chaotic video game?

Smart Client Conversations On Social Security Gone Broke


How to talk with clients about the worst-case scenario.

Advisor Emporium

AssetMark Expands Digital Servicing Tools


Wealth management and tech services firm AssetMark has announced a new dedicated eService team to help financial advisors meet the increasing demand for digital servicing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Editor's Note

A Tax Season Unlike Any Other


It’s probably a safe bet that 2020 isn’t turning out in a way that any advisor or their clients expected one year ago.

Frontline News

If Clients Work From Home, Can They Be Taxed Twice?


Those forced to work out of their home due to the pandemic may owe taxes to different states this year.

State Securities Regulators Urge Caution On DOL’s Fiduciary Rule


There's not yet evidence the rules would help protect investors, NASAA argued.

Why Now Might Be A Good Time To Transfer Or Sell Assets


The clock’s ticking on tax advantages used for next-generation asset transfers or selling one’s business.

Many Student Loan Borrowers Wish They Had Picked Cheaper Colleges


Nearly half of borrowers didn't estimate their monthly payments before taking out the loans, Finra Foundation says.