June 2021

The Reopening Paradox


As many Americans approach retirement, savings and spending are at cross-purposes.

Hidden Stress Fractures In Family Estate Planning


Clients are asking: Will their wealth unify or divide their families?

All Things To All People Won't Work


Spoiler alert: You aren't all there is.

High-Net-Worth Trends In 2021

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The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated trends already happening in private wealth management.

Five Powers Companies Should Never Cede To Workers


Stakeholder capitalism must have its limits.

When Less Is More


Generic often equals bland and may be shackling your growth.

Who's Afraid Of Crypto Assets?


Regulation and custody issues have thrown up barriers to advisors considering crypto for clients.

An Asian Fund For Asian Growth


The Matthews Asia Innovators Fund boasts stellar long-term results.

A ‘Draconian Tax' Could Put A Big Hurt On Estate Planning


Proposed federal legislation might bring a lot of uncertainty to estate taxes.

Advisors Grapple With College Loan Misinformation


The Covid pause on student loan repayments has helped, but it has also caused confusion about long-term plans.

Bridging The Income Gap For Early Retirees


As more baby boomers retire, questions arise about how they're going to meet income needs.

Post-Pandemic Retirement Life, Part II


Advisors will likely see their clients changing their social patterns after the pandemic.

Warren Buffett On Up-Front Recruiting Checks


What are you really getting when a broker-dealer gives you money in advance?

The Other, Bigger Wealth Transfer


Clients will pass on trillions. The most responsive advisors will make billions.

Advisor Emporium

Putnam Investments Launches Target-Date Fund Tool


Putnam Investments, a global money management firm headquartered in Boston, has officially launched TargetDateVisualizer, an evaluation tool designed to help advisors more accurately analyze...

Editor's Note

Are Massive Tax Hikes For Real?


In his first 50 or so days in office, President Biden barely mentioned the words “tax increase.” Then on or about on St. Patrick's Day, he dropped the bomb.

Frontline News

Yield Isn't All That Matters With Dividend ETFs


Income, safety and growth comprise the three-legged stool of investing in equity income.

Wealthy Investors Ditching The North For The Lower-Tax South


Lower taxes and warmer climes make the South an appealing option for well-off investors.

It Could Be Harvesting Season In Capital Gains Land


A looming federal capital gains tax hike make now a good time to sell appreciated stocks, some advisors say.

Using Tech To Fight The Estate Tax Wars


FP Alpha says advanced technology like AI can help advisors stay on top of a changing estate tax situation.

Advisors Diverging From Traditional 60/40 Portfolios


A Fidelity report found that advisors moved toward either riskier or more conservative allocations last year.