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Working With Women — Here’s What’s Beyond This Empowering Feeling with Sheryl Hickerson (Ep. 3)


About the Episode:

Working With Women — Here’s What’s Beyond This Empowering Feeling with Sheryl Hickerson

Finding a space where women can be women is tough in a predominantly male-dominated industry, and the financial services field is not an exception.


Thankfully, Sheryl Hickerson, the founder and CEO of Females and Finance, values the empowerment of being in a room with females on the same path.


And that’s exactly why Sheryl started Females and Finance. A private online membership organization for women to support the hiring, mentoring, training, and advancement of 100,000 females in financial services.


This week, Sheryl unveils her experience within the financial industry and the ways she evolved her style to cater to other females in similar roles. She explains the role of competitiveness within the female financial industry and her approach to helping female professionals in the business.


Sheryl Discusses:
• Ways curiosity can get you in the right direction
• Her three C community building process
• The importance of fostering stronger communities around females in higher positions
• How to get more control over our time and stress
• Her take on how women will soon take over the financial arena
• And more

About Our Guest(s):

Sheryl Hickerson enjoys working with financial advisors, certified financial planners, registered representatives, wealth managers, and many other professionals within the industry. Meeting new advisors and learning about how we can work together to go business is her main goal.


Sheryl offers training, consulting, and coaching on social media and digital marketing strategies to the financial services community. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial services area, Sheryl understands the unique challenges clients face in the industry.


About Our Host:
Antoinette Rodriguez, MBA, is a driven 16-year marketing, strategic business, social media editor, and FinTech consultant to million-dollar wealth management teams.  She is an enthusiastic professional with in-depth knowledge of the ultra and high-net-worth investor target market, including women, multicultural, and next-gen growth niches.


Antoinette has helped identify hundreds of millions of dollars in net new asset opportunities with financial advisor clients. She has also written over 100 marketing and business plans for wealth management teams, created over 300 financial advisor training videos, and planned hundreds of VIP client events.


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