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Finding Your Ideal Client — The Long and Short Game with Kristin Andree (Ep. 5)


About the Episode:


Finding Your Ideal Client — The Long and Short Game with Kristin Andree

Searching for your ideal client can be a quick connection or a long waiting game.


But now, regardless of your situation, you will get the empowerment you need to optimize your business according to your goals and objectives. 


With years of experience leading her own consulting business, this week on Invest In Women The Podcast Series, Kristin Andree, founder of Andree Consulting Group, shares the best advisory practices to identify, get in front of and engage your ideal clients.


With whatever pace works best for you and your business, Kristin has immediate and long-term strategies you can implement to get closer to your ideal clientele. 


Kristin discusses: 
• The importance of finding and gravitating towards the right people
• How to build a practice around your ideal client base
• Easy strategies to make new clients approach you and your business
• The power of personal social media posts 
• Tips to connect with like-minded people
• And more!


About Our Guest(s):

Kristin Andree is the founder of Andree Consulting Group. A career-changing corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Kristin is a high-performance coach, writer, speaker, mom, and “tell it like it is” business strategist, dedicated to helping you grow into the person you are meant to be.


About Our Host:
Antoinette Rodriguez, MBA, is a driven 16-year marketing, strategic business, social media editor, and FinTech consultant to million-dollar wealth management teams.  She is an enthusiastic professional with in-depth knowledge of the ultra and high-net-worth investor target market, including women, multicultural, and next-gen growth niches.


Antoinette has helped identify hundreds of millions of dollars in net new asset opportunities with financial advisor clients. She has also written over 100 marketing and business plans for wealth management teams, created over 300 financial advisor training videos, and planned hundreds of VIP client events.

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