He’s been the “Godfather of Practice Management,” a mentor to many, an advocate for inclusion and an advancer of financial literacy. He’s retired as the CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions, but his impact on our industry will be everlasting.

When the news broke that Mark Tibergien was retiring from Pershing Advisor Solutions, we sidestepped our weekly strategy discussion to share stories about Mark’s influence on us over the years.

We quickly noted Mark’s role as the godfather of practice management and the decades he meticulously made the case for professionally managing your practice. That ultimately ushered in an age of professionalism that continues to ripple positively across the profession.

Yet, by the end of our call, we realized we’d spent far more time elaborating on and appreciating Mark’s genius and generosity beyond the boundaries of practice management. It was then when we decided to chronicle and showcase his enormous impact, not just on the current state of the industry, but on the future.

In addition to demonstrating admirable leadership in his own firms, Mark became a mentor to many, an advocate for inclusion and an advancer of financial literacy. His career is filled with examples of his leadership in action, and we share these stories to reflect a richer view of his contribution and influence over the years.

A Gracious Giant
I remember the first time I met Mark at Pershing’s INSITE conference in Hollywood, Fla. He was surrounded on all sides by advisors eagerly awaiting his wisdom. I, the newly promoted publisher of Investment News, was intimidated as I stood there waiting. Uncertain if he’d be arrogant or approachable, I quickly learned how inclusive and supportive he can be, as he warmly welcomed me into a conversation with him.

Mark quickly became a professional ally and ardent supporter. He regularly offered his insights on industry trends, helping us expose and explore them in our coverage. He was an ardent supporter of the transition of the Moss Adams Benchmarking Survey to InvestmentNews, and became an invaluable resource as we continued to tackle the most relevant and important topics.

Even more cherished is that Mark became a friend, confidant and mentor to me over the years. His vote of confidence emboldened my decision to start my own firm, and his common sense words of wisdom always seem to run through my mind, just when I need them.

While Mark’s role as CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions has concluded, I trust his presence in this profession will be felt for years to come. Thank You, Mark Tibergien.

—Suzanne Siracuse, CEO, Suzanne Siracuse Consulting Services LLC


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