Life Planning

Recession Takes Toll On College Savings


Parents of high school children say the amount of their kids'  total college education costs that they can cover has dropped nearly 27% from last year, according to a Fidelity Investments survey.

PIMCO Launches Retirement Income Funds


More companies are coming up with ways to provide retirement income to clients and PIMCO is no exception: Today the firm announced it has launched the PIMCO Real Income Funds.

Advisors Don't Get Services They Want


Financial company executives continue to misread the types of practice management and technical support programs their advisors truly want, according to a new survey. 

Retired Clients Need Planning For Health Care Costs


Retired clients on Medicare need more than $100,000 in savings to cover health care expenses and the amount needed will grow significantly over the next ten years, says EBRI.

Shrimp Happens

by Jeff and Jeanice Harring

A tale of elder fraud on the Louisiana bayou.

A Small Risk

by Raymond Fazzi

Conventional wisdom says small caps are riskier than their large-cap counterparts, but they remain a basic building block in retirement portfolios.

Your Clients' Retirement DNA

by John Carl

Understanding a client's many savings plans, as well as her career path and investment choices, means you're ready to analyze how she's uniquely positioned for retirement.

Advisor Emporium

Foundation Source Expands Philanthropic Services Foundation Source, a provider of support services for private foundations based in Fairfield, Conn...

Americans Face Savings Dilemma


Americans seem split on what to do about preparing for retirement and their children's college education, according to a new survey.

'Big Bang' Predicted From Tax, Retirement Law Changes


Changes in federal law over the next few months could dramatically impact clients' retirement plans.

401(k) Participants Remain Diligent, Vanguard Says


Participants in 401(k) plans have shown little signs of panic, despite deep market losses and the uncertain economy, according to Vanguard.

Boomers Sticking With Traditional IRAs


Roth IRA conversion opportunities will expand next year, but most baby boomers don't plan on taking advantage of the changes, according to a new survey.

Economy Impacting Education Decisions


A college education has long been considered a pillar of the American Dream, but the recession has caused some people to wake up to a new reality regarding post-secondary education.

Retirement Balances Slumped Roughly 15% During Downturn


Account balances in 401(k) and IRA/Keough plans sank at least 15% from year-end 2007 through mid-June 2009, according to recent data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

Frontline News

Does Your E&O Cover Alternative Investments? Alternative investments are getting more attention after the calamitous market downturn decimated many a traditional...

Maybe MPT Isn't Dead?

by Harold Evensky

Before you decide to kill modern portfolio theory, consider the alternatives and their risks.

Last Hand For Monte Carlo?

by Bruce W. Fraser

A popular retirement planning tool is under scrutiny.

SEC Proposes More Rules For Advisors


The SEC is proposing new rules aimed at stopping "pay to play" practices by investment advisors who seek to manage money for government pension and 529 plans.

Retirees Feeling Less Secure, Survey Says


The number of retirees who say they are worried about financial security has more than doubled since a year ago.

Unsuitable Annuities Tied To Reverse Mortgages


As more financial advisors sell insurance, a recent report indicates some could be unsuitably cross-selling annuities in conjunction with reverse mortgages.