Life Planning

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

by Ken Weber

Plan sponsors are blind to the real costs of their companies' 401(k) plans

What's Your Retirement Brand?

by Tracey Longo

Investors are fleeing brokers who don't discuss retirement income with them.

A Velvet Niche


National Retirement Partners, a network of retirement-focused advisors, has raised its game and clinched its own broker-dealer.

IRAs That Are Outside The Box

by Marla Brill

Self-directed IRAs allow clients to decide where they want their IRA money to play. But watch out for sand traps.

Retirement Whiplash

by Mitch Anthony

The question is, how does a retiree maintain an active, challenging life? The answer is, never stop.

Plan Gets Stamp Of Approval

by Eric L. Reiner

Cash-balance plans let successful business owners save more.

Investor Feeding Frenzy Predicted

by A Financial Advisor Special Report

Demographics could spawn a huge boom in the next decade.

Grown Up, But Not Gone

by By: Tracey Longo

The real threat to clients' retirements may be living in their basements.

Affairs Of Estate

by By: Andrew Gluck

Advisors who thrive in estate planning excel at helping clients identify their goals.

Portfolio Tides

by By: William P. Bengen

Bill Bengen examines how to orchestrate your clients' retirement withdrawa plans.


MassMutual Expands Retirement Income Focus MassMutual Financial Group created MassMutual Retirement Income (MMRI) for the retail...

Diamonds In The Rough

by Ken Ziesenheim

The new Pension Protection Act offers opportunities for advisors, if you know where to dig.

Becoming Fashionable

by David Drucker

Do large financial institutions know something about life planning?


New Firm To Invest In Advisory Businesses The latest entrant into the consolidation game, Private Wealth Management (PWM), opened its doors in...

Distribution Nightmare

by Gregory Bresiger

Make this mistake with an IRA and there's no second chance.

The Ethical Testament

by Bruce W. Fraser

Ethical wills incorporate a new concept: sharing values and principles.

State Death Taxes Matter, Too

by Eric L. Reiner

Federal estate tax uncertainty breeds state estate tax uncertainty.

Conference Roundup

by Tracey Longo

Meeting the demands of baby boomer clients led content at the 8th Annual Financial Advisor Symposium.

The Vitamin Cs Of Successful Aging

by Mitch Anthony

The right attitude will make all of the difference for a happy, healthy retirement.

Can You Help RINKs?

by Gregory Bresiger

They have no student loans and kids to worry about, but they can challenge the resources of your practice.