Life Planning

Aging America: The Financial Planner's Growing Responsibility to Older Clients

by Greg Rudd

Financial planners will find themselves increasingly needing to develop a more personal understanding of their aging clients, and not just because it's a smart business play.

Working The Bond Market

by Marla Brill

Fund manager Andrew Stenwall says high-yield bonds are likely to outperform.

ETF Growth Expected

by Marla Brill

Look for more narrow market niches and investments with low stock market correlation in 2009.

Advisor Emporium

Donor-Advised Charitable Giving Grows Despite the economy, grants to charities through some of the largest donor-advised funds are up...

Golden Years Outlook Looking Tarnished

What's the current version of a dream retirement? To some, making sure there's enough money to pay for... 

Tackling Longevity Risk

by Mary Rowland

Wouldn't it be nice if we could use 401(k) money to buy annuities with pretax dollars?

Holding On

Directed trusts may work for small-business clients nearing retirement who don't want to sell their companies.

Dueling Models

by William R. Dyess and Harold Evensky

Understanding the significant differences in two kinds of LTC policies will help you better serve your clients.

Covering The Bases

by David J. Drucker

It seems to me that sole practitioners-those advisors who most need a backup plan in the event of disability-are usually the last to develop

Unwanted Scrutiny

by Tracey Longo

Targeting seniors and retirees in your marketing may attract keen interest from regulators.

Advisor Emporium

Genworth Creates Wealth Management Division Genworth Financial Inc...

Uphill Climb

by Andrew Dodds

Convincing clients to sell off concentrated positions, particularly in their own company's stock, can be an arduous task.

Satisfying Your Self-Made Clients

by Mike Sheets

You must bring sophisticated solutions specific to their situation to the table, giving them a reason to listen to you.

A Taxing Solution

by Gregory Bresiger

Author Roger Lowenstein's pitch for more government-financed health care and retirement benefits will make things worse.

The Emerging Profile Of Women Investors

by Tracey Longo

Eleanor Blayney is creating a new, national network of female CFPs.

The Clock Is Ticking


How secure are your clients' retirement plans?


Fidelity Offers Dual Business Platform Financial planners who handle both fee and commission business will have a new platform to integrate their work...


CFP Board's New Conduct Standards The financial advisory industry is always changing, and so are efforts to govern the way it's practiced...

Can Advisors Protect Retirees From Themselves?

by Tracey Longo

By mapping retirees' minds, financial service firms like T. Rowe Price are using behavioral economics to help advisors overcome investors' irrational behavior.

Retirement On Hold

by David J. Drucker

With stock market turbulence and a housing market free fall, how are advisors modifying retirement plans constructed during better times?