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Recession-Scarred State Colleges In U.S. Take Cuts As Fees Soar


In 48 U.S. states, government spending on each college student is still below where it was before the recession that ended almost six years ago. Now, at least seven governors propose cutting deeper.

529s Still A Haven (For Now)


Reaction to Obama’s proposal shows how prized 529 plans are.

HD Vest Enhances 1040 Tax Analysis Tool


Irving, Texas-based HD Vest Investment Services has added a new round of enhancements to its 1040 Analyst tool.

College Freshmen Need To Beware Of Bait-And-Switch Aid Offers


Families receiving college financial aid offers this spring should beware: what they see this year may not be what they get next year.

Swing-State Voters Not Feeling Obama's Community College Plan


Voters in Iowa, Virginia and Colorado aren't fond of the free community college plan or Obama in general, says poll.

Student-Loan Delinquencies Rise In U.S. As Education Debt Swells


Student-loan delinquencies increased at the end of 2014, a troubling sign that Americans are failing to keep up with payments as education debt climbs, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New...

IMCA, MIT Partner To Offer Education Program For CIMA Certification

by FA Staff

IMCA's first online program will be offered through the Sloan School of Management starting June 1.

University Of Texas Endowment Tops $25 Billion, Surpassing Yale


The University of Texas endowment surpassed Yale University’s as the second-wealthiest in U.S. higher education, spurred on by oil and gas.

Are 529 Plans Really Just A Tax Break For The Rich?


President Barack Obama's proposal this week to roll back tax benefits for so-called 529 plans exposes a fundamental disagreement about who is benefiting from these state-sponsored college savings...

Obama Tax Agenda Widens Partisan Gulf As He Seeks Redistribution


The plan would raise the top capital gains rate to 28 percent, impose tax increases for high earners, limit tax breaks for 529 plans and take other steps to pay for new programs.

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