Retirement Income

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What To Do In Retirement

by has some ideas about where retirees can direct their energies to stay active or to earn a little income.

Vanguard Study: Millennials Have Retirement On Autopilot


Many younger workers are in better shape than expected due to the advent of automatic enrollment and escalation features in their 401(k) plans.

More People Looking At Long-Term Planning

by FA Staff

Most people still look only one year ahead in planning their finances, a deVere study says.

Advisors Criticize Peer For Saying Millennials, Gen Xers Don't Need Advisors

by ,

Advisors Michael Kitces and Alan Moore maintain the views of advisor Melody Juge illustrate a systemic problem in the financial advisory profession.

Dynamic Withdrawal Rule—Simplified


New research could disrupt the idea of a safe withdrawal rate.

Why Women Face More Risk In Retirement


Five reasons women are more vulnerable to outliving their assets.

Becoming More Health-Conscious


Many financial advisors are offering health-related advice to clients.

A Growing Number Of Retirement Plan Sponsors Thinking Of Dumping Their Financial Advisor


Financial advisors are in danger of losing their retirement plan clients if they do not make changes, Fidelity says.

Trade Groups Fixin’ For A Legal Fight Over ERISA Rules


Financial firms are mulling a possible legal challenge to the U.S. Department of Labor’s controversial fiduciary rule-making pertaining to IRA accounts and small retirement plans.

SSGA Study: Retirement Savers With Advisors Are More Confident


Among thousands of retirement savers in the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Australia, those who expressed confidence about achieving their goals also noted constant contact with advisors.

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