February 2011



Lawyer Brian Hamburger ensures advisors like  Kim Ip exit wirehouses the right way.

Mistiming Retirement

by Somnath Basu

The portfolios of many people who retired shortly before the 2008 market crash still have not recovered. But advisors can help to mitigate such "sequence risks."

Big Ideas

by Andrew Gluck

Advisors describe the creative plans they have grow their businesses.

Maximizing Tech Tools

by David Lawrence

Many financial planners are using a fraction of the technological capacity they already own.

Dealing With Special Needs

by Mary Rowland

An advisor describes how he came to focus on clients with special needs children and what it's meant for his practice.

A Good Business Model

by Roy Diliberto

The fiduciary standard is essential for financial planning to be embraced as a profession, yet examples abound of advisors who ignore it.

A Different Playing Field


Regulatory reform is at the top of RIAs' minds going into 2011.

New Player In Town


Merion Wealth Partners has created an advisor-owned, independent wealth management firm it says is unlike the competition.

Head Of The Class

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

YBS is a step forward in college planning software.

Frisky Business


What to expect from five fund categories in 2011.

Playing Defense

by Gail Liberman

Investors continued the gold rush last year, but how they invested varies.

Ready For Reflation

by Marla Brill

Several kinds of ETFs should benefit if prices and interest rates begin to rise.

Local Favorites

by Marla Brill

To Mairs & Power fund manager Bill Frels, there's no place like home for finding good stocks.

Heavenly Outlook?

by Leila Boulton

Recent data support an improvement in commercial real estate prices.

Medical Bills

by Ben Mattlin

Health-care costs are rising faster than inflation, but sound planning can help.

What Investors Really Want

by Meir Statman

Sure, they want high returns­-and much more. 

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