October 2012

The Great Divide?


An expectation gap between older and younger advisors might be hamstringing the profession's growth.

The Significance Of Your Other


A new book by Nick and Joan Murray seeks to empower advisors' life partners.

A Great Reallocation?

by Michelle Knight

The long predicted shift from bonds to equities could finally happen.

Tough Choices

by Mary Rowland

Financial advisors describe how they are helping clients potentially minimize the bite when taxes go up next year.

Cash Flow In Retirement

by Roy Diliberto

Clients take a different view than advisors.

Outsourcing Made Easy

by David Lawrence

Some providers can help an advisor run a more efficient practice.

Tuning Out Hyperbolic Gloom

by Bill Bachrach

How advisors help clients have confidence about their futures.

Sleight Of Hand

by Brian Hamburger

The apparent death knell of Finra as an SRO by no means signals victory.

Our House

by Michael J. McDermott

How can financial planners help those with three generations living at home?

Risky Business

by Donald Jay Korn

Fine-tuning portfolios to a client's comfort level remains an art, but this century's booms and busts show the need for some science as well.

A Different Kind Of Leverage

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Independent broker-dealers are using technology to help their advisors prosper.

The All-Star Game


When FA hunted for the cream of the crop among research management teams, these professionals made the all-star team, according to peers. 

Don't Rule Out Smaller ETFs

by Marla Brill

Many have unique investment methodologies that offer alternatives to traditional indexes.

Beyond The BRICs

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Investors see compelling opportunities in the next four largest growth markets.

Extreme Opportunism

by Eric Uhlfelder

One particular approach of opportunistic investing minimizes risk and typically delivers upside of 10% to 15% in a short time.

Funds From The Madding Crowd

by Gail Liberman

A controversial new law will allow small businesses to raise $1 million in capital annually without registering with regulators.

Strong Outlook

by Alan Lavine

Although master limited partnerships come with some tax headaches, they can be a good diversifier.

Investing For The '70s

by Marla Brill

Firms with a competitive advantage will fare best if 'stagflation' returns, says Chuck Akre.

The Plan

by ,

Have financial advisors gone sour on selling 529 college savings plans?

The Winds Of Limbo Roar

by Eric L. Reiner

Next year's tax rules could change before, or after, 2013 arrives.

Try A Little Gratitude

by Richard B. Wagner

Money is humanity's most profound creation. Isn't some appreciation in order?

Imagine 2017


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