March 2015

Sailing To The Coasts


Martin Bicknell's rollup firm Mariner Wealth has been aggressively acquiring RIAs and investment managers.

Sales In An Anti-Selling Culture


Adding new clients must be a responsibility of professionals in a firm.

Getting Fired By Clients Isn’t Always Bad


Sometimes, the relationship has run its course or your work is done.

The Future Of The IA World


As technology disrupts the world, the advisory business will face an unprecedented makeover.

Adding Life To Years


Both the labor market and financial advisors will need to get used to the needs of older workers.

The Appeal Of The Successful Business Owner

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She is the high-quality client who can lead to the success of a professional’s practice.

Into The 21st Century, Finally


FinaMetrica’s improved platform is more flexible and better for users.

Making Sense Of Emerging Markets


The sector oozes long-term potential but faces near-term headwinds.

Property Perks


Direct investing in commercial real estate is heating up.

Rewriting The Global Fund Playbook


M. Vinson Walden’s global fund values ideas over style boxes.

529s Still A Haven (For Now)


Reaction to Obama’s proposal shows how prized 529 plans are.

The True Value Of Your Practice


It’s about more than multiple of revenue.

A Talk With Nick Murray


The critical retirement investing challenge is the defense of purchasing power.

Advisor Emporium

HD Vest Enhances 1040 Tax Analysis Tool


Irving, Texas-based HD Vest Investment Services has added a new round of enhancements to its 1040 Analyst tool.

Editor's Note

A Bubble No One Saw


In early February, I was fortunate to attend IMCA’s annual consultants conference and hear Richard Bernstein talk about last year’s collapse in the price of energy.

Frontline News

New Approach To Retirement Income


Russell Investments has developed an asset-liability model for managing retirement income it says is more effective than relying on pre-set withdrawal rates.

Youth Shall Be Served Among Advisors (Hopefully)


It’s clear that advisor firms need to replenish advisor headcount and to engage with younger investors.

Harvesting Financial Info For Advisors


Harvest, a social platform for investing ideas, is gaining traction with users ranging from big-name financial services firms to financial advisors.

Investing All Comes Down To Luck


One of the worst things an advisor can do is lead clients into believing they can predict the future, says Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman.

Hedge Fund Profits Down 30% Portend Closings


Industrywide profits in 2014 declined 30 percent from a year earlier because of poor performance.

Golden Years May Be A Bust For Millions Of Retirees


After excluding households that had saved nothing, the median account balance of people ages 55 to 64 was $104,000, says a report by the Center for American Progress.