May 2020

Young Advisors To Watch In 2020

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As younger advisors try to steer a course for their own careers, they also show that the industry itself is changing.

Quality Counts As Buyback Binge Ends


An economy hurt by the pandemic will face different problems from those posed by past downturns.

What Trust Truly Motivates?


A rigid trust will not necessarily change children’s money behavior.

Losing the Retirement Assumption


It's better for employees and companies if retirement is phased out gradually.

Private Equity’s Impact On The RIA Space


Hint: It’s probably not what you think.

Thinning Ranks


Financial advisors seeing their services commoditized will need to bring in a human element.

The Antidote To A Bear Market


It might be time for a new type of retirement advisor.

Technology Is Bridging The Gap For Advisors During The Pandemic


But outbreak-caused outages may forever change how they do business.

Saving Sick Succession Plans


How will advisory firms keep their succession plans in these dire times?

Do Safe Haven Investments Really Exist?


The recent market collapse is a time to re-examine the notion of “safe haven.”

Rebalancing Portfolios In A Bear Market


People can benefit from rebalancing in a crisis. But will they want to?

Model Portfolios Haven't Reached Full Potential Yet


Model portfolio fans say they offer huge opportunities for advisors to help clients customize.

Pushing Past The Pain


One portfolio manager imagines which stocks are best set to recover from the coronavirus shock.

Playing The Rebound


After the pandemic, we have the opportunity to start a new kind of conversation with clients.

Advisor Emporium

Snappy Kraken Responds To Covid-19 With Price And Service Adjustments


Snappy Kraken, an automated marketing and advertising platform for financial advisors, has retooled its business model to help clients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Editor's Note

We Will Adapt


None of us really know exactly what the world will look like when the coronavirus pandemic ends, but the outlines already are starting to take shape.

Frontline News

RIA Firm Valuations Could Be A Victim Of The Pandemic


Smaller RIAs may be particularly vulnerable to falling values in the wake of the epidemic, market watchers said.

Will Work-At-Home Advisors Become A Thing?


Social distancing may have an impact on work practices after the pandemic is over.

Clayton Holds Firm On June 30 As Reg BI Implementation Date


Despite the coronavirus, the SEC says the date will stand for new advisor regulations.

Emotional Factors Play Huge Role In Client-Advisor Relationship


A Vanguard study found that clients are looking for a trusting personal relationship with their advisors.

Letters to the Editor

Annuities Should Be Part Of The Conversation


Your March 2020 cover story, “How Advisors Generate Income for Clients,” was very surprising and somewhat upsetting to me.