Women & Planning

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Call Me Anytime

by Amy Florian

Effectively helping grieving clients will help you retain business.

Southern Hospitality


Cheryl Holland and her team have grown their South Carolina firm into one that serves many of their area's wealthiest people.

Rending Fences


Planner Kathleen Miller has made a niche business out of helping divorcing couples untangle their assets and move on.

The Emerging Profile Of Women Investors

by Tracey Longo

Eleanor Blayney is creating a new, national network of female CFPs.


CFP Board's New Conduct Standards The financial advisory industry is always changing, and so are efforts to govern the way it's practiced...


As The Number Of Players Shrinks, Recruiting Intensifies If the financial advisory business supposedly occupies the sweet spot of the financial...

No Plans To Retire


Christina Winch, a former teacher, is now the spiritually inclined matriarch of a holistic financial planning practice.

Banks That Get It

by Mary Rowland

Banks are acquiring advisory firms while still allowing them to maintain their independence.

Little Guys Win

by Mary Rowland

Big banks and brokers now realize the wealthy want objective advice, so they are buying successful independent advisory firms that offer it.

Finding A Prince

by Mary Rowland

More advisory firms are looking for the perfect mate.

Seeking Middle Ground


Karron Wages leads a firm created by veteran advisors to serve the middle class-a task more difficult than it looks.

Preventive Medicine

by Tracey Longo

In this special report, Financial Advisor magazine looks at how more advisors are helping clients consider the impact of sky-rocketing health-care costs on retirement.

A Real (Estate) Mess


in the wake of the subprime debacle, investors rethink the ways they are investing in real estate.


States Reevaluating Who Should Be Licensed It's one of the financial industry's vexing questions: Who and what exactly is an investment advisor? It's...

Role Reversal

by Bruce W. Fraser

What you can do to prepare your clients to care for elderly parents.

Women's Work

by Tracey Longo

Raymond James uses many tools to help women advisors build their businesses.

Crossing Racial Lines

by David J. Drucker

Some financial advisors make an effort to serve clients of different races and ethnicities.

Why Aren't There More Women?

by Tracey Longo

NAPFA's new women's roundtable plans to learn why more women aren't choosing the advisory profession.

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