Women & Planning

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BofA Forces 'Garden Leave' on Brokers

Bank of America Corp. told some workers to sign agreements forcing them to go on reduced-pay "garden leave" if they plan to resign.



Lawyer Brian Hamburger ensures advisors like  Kim Ip exit wirehouses the right way.

Big Ideas

by Andrew Gluck

Advisors describe the creative plans they have grow their businesses.

Career Reinvention

by Susan Ganz

A successful financial advisor reflects on the road she took to get to where she is today.

The Financial Industry's Year Of 'Sinfulness'

There was no dearth of silliness, sleaziness or shameless egomania among those in the financial industry or those who regulate it over the past year.

Leading The Way

by Eleanor O'Sullivan

Many socially responsible investors don't want to put their money in companies that use child labor or exploit adult workers...

Longevity Complicates Planning For Women

More financial advisors are taking extra steps to ensure that female clients are ready for a longer life--and both the higher costs and tough decisions that go along with it.

Retreating To Move Forward

by Mary Rowland

George Kinder's five-day workshop teaches planners how to achieve the things closest to their hearts, and helps them teach clients in turn.

Garrett: Serving Vets Requires Different Mindset


Financial advisors interested in serving veterans should be OK with working with people of modest means and be open to charging hourly fees, says the founder of the Garrett Financial Network.

Out Of Balance

by Joni Youngwirth

Should our industry take proactive steps to increase its number of women?

Whitney Falters in Trying to Repeat Citigroup Success

Meredith Whitney, the analyst who jumped to celebrity from obscurity by correctly predicting Citigroup Inc.'s dividend cut, is having less success divining stock market winners and losers.

Reaching Out


The troubled economy has meant more people need financial planning but can't afford it. Frank Paré and Saundra Davis are among those stepping in to help.

Bringing It All Back Home


Terry Hannon's work as a mom, a planner, a volunteer and a friend has helped her through tough times and made her the center of a community.

Financial Planners Volunteering Around The Country


Thousands of financial planners nationwide are volunteering for Financial Planning Day events in October at which they will offer free advice to individuals.

FPA Releases Salary Study


Female planners make more money than women in most other professions and the gap between their salaries and those of their male peers is much smaller than in other fields, a new FPA study says.

Nine And Wine...Reaching Women Via Golf

Inviting a would-be client for a round of golf is an age-old prospecting technique. But what if the prospect is a woman who is clueless about the sport?

Not Just A 'Mancession'


Although it was reported that more men than women lost jobs by early 2009, there's no doubt women felt the pain of The Great Recession, too. A study shows many more women expect to work longer.

Bringing Wealthy Women To The Forefront

As women's net worth continues to grow, financial advisors are facing a challenge: How do you serve female clients if there is a male always taking charge of their finances?

Morningstar Conference Panel Discusses Retirement Issues

A financial advisor panel at the Morningstar Investment Conference this week noted many people are retiring with too little in savings considering the current investing environment.

Women Turn Into Breadwinners

The recession has turned more women into the breadwinners for their families, and that has had a silver lining for some financial advisors.

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