Women & Planning

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Two Hats

by Joni Youngwirth

How can you manage your roles as business owner and financial advisor simultaneously?

The Horror


Whether it's sibling rivalries, poorly thought out trusts or simply greed, the estate planning world offers an abundance of horror stories.

Older Brokers Without Succession Plans Plague Brokerages

by Mike Byrnes

An aging base of brokers, many with even older clients, is prompting many large institutions to scramble to figure out how to prepare for the inevitable and retain the business for generations to...

Advisors Name Favorite Actively Managed Mutual Funds


Each financial advisor who manages mutual funds for his clients has a favorite or two that fulfills a specific goal in their clients' portfolios...

IMCA 2012: Communicating With Female Clients

With women being half the population and their wealth growing, how advisors should communicate with them was a hot topic at the IMCA 2012 conference today.

JNBA Financial Advisors Hires Senior Advisor


Stephanie Rossi joins JNBA team.

Beyond Money: Communicate Your Way To Better Client Relationships

by Nora Maidansky

Gambling addictions, job loss, spending patterns and parenting are examples of emotional topics that come up during client sessions...

Advisors Conversations With Women Need To Change


Financial advisors have to change their conversation with female clients or risk losing out on a potentially lucrative and growing market.

Proof That Social Media Works

by Mike Byrnes

An advisor success story that proves social media is not a waste of time.

Resource Consulting Group Appoints Shareholder


Nicole Rutledge, CFP and lead advisor, becomes shareholder.

Creating Great Client Events

by Kristine McManus

Most advisors spend too much much money on client events that are not effective. Here's what advisors should be doing to have successful events.

Council On Education Appoints 2012 Chair


Carolynn Tomin brings expertise as a financial planning educator to council.

Sentinel Portfolio Manager To Retire


Elizabeth Bramwell will retire after 44-year career in the finance industry.

Banks Wooing Wealthy Women CEOs


Wells Fargo, Citigroup Inc., Barclays Plc and other banks are increasingly focused on getting the assets of high-earning women executives

Recession Dramatically Increases Number Of Fathers Caring For Children

A recession that some call the "mancession" has increased the number of fathers with an active role in child care, a trend that has been growing since at least 1988.

Steinem: Gender Inequality At Heart Of Occupy Protests

For Gloria Steinem, the international conversation that the Occupy Wall Street protests sparked about economic inequality is, at its heart, about gender.

Reorganized For Success


Wescott Financial Advisory Group Takes a Disciplined Approach To Growth. 

Executive Roundtable

by Marie Swift

Challenges and opportunities for advisors, according to industry heavy hitters.

Sexes Differ In Top Financial Concerns


The weak economy is worrying U.S. men and women on many fronts, but their biggest financial concerns differ.

Living The Dream


Jeanie Wyatt has built a powerhouse financial advisory firm in south Texas with $1.9 billion in AUM.

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