Women & Planning

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The Great Protector

by Caren Chesler

Advisor Erin Botsford is known for focusing on risks that threaten client assets. that's no surprise, considering what She's been through herself. 

The Next Generation

by Mitch Anthony

Deena Katz and Lance Palmer talk about their financial planning students and the future of the profession.

A New Game


Rule changes in 2010 for retirement plans offer advisors opportunity to help employers and their workers.

Many Women Risk Retirement To Fund College

Many parents set their own retirement security aside tofund their children's college education, and mothers are more pronethan fathers to steer a family down this risky path.

Women Eye Health Care As Key Retirement Issue

by Karen M. Schultz

Working effectively with the nation's nearly 80 million baby boomers, whether retired or contemplating retirement, was a major focus of the Raymond James 15th Annual Women's Symposium, sponsored by...

Women Looking For Simple Money Advice


Women across the world want help planning their families' finances, but they want the advice to be simple and easy to implement, according to a new survey.

Lessons Learned


What the market upheaval has taught advisors.

Husband And Wife Launch Advisory Firm


A husband-and-wife advisor team has left Merrill Lynch and started its own independent wealth management firm in Bethesda, Md.

The Talking Cure


The CFP Board's got a new consumer advocate and public face: Eleanor Blayney.

Alexandra Armstrong Joins Commonwealth


Alexandra Armstrong, an early pioneer of the financial planning movement, has affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network. 

Women Face More Retirement Risks, Study Says


Women have more to fear than men when it comes to facing the financial risks of retirement, according to a new report.

Where Wives Take The Lead


Most husbands think they make most family investment decisions, but most wives don't agree. But there is one kind of financial planning where they do agree women take the lead.

CFP Board Introduces Consumer Advocate


Eleanor Blayney, CFP, is developing her new role as consumer advocate for the CFP Board of Standards Inc.

More Men Go It Alone


Men less than 35 years old are much less likely to ask for outside financial help with their retirement ...

Advisors Advise Congress About Retirement


Two members of the Financial Planning Association testified to Congress on the impact of the failing markets ... 

Call Me Anytime

by Amy Florian

Effectively helping grieving clients will help you retain business.

Southern Hospitality


Cheryl Holland and her team have grown their South Carolina firm into one that serves many of their area's wealthiest people.

Rending Fences


Planner Kathleen Miller has made a niche business out of helping divorcing couples untangle their assets and move on.

The Emerging Profile Of Women Investors

by Tracey Longo

Eleanor Blayney is creating a new, national network of female CFPs.


CFP Board's New Conduct Standards The financial advisory industry is always changing, and so are efforts to govern the way it's practiced...

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