October 2011

The Art Of Success


Big Four accounting alums have made myCIO Wealth Partners one of the nation's largest RIA firms.

Gold-The Fear Index

by Somnath Basu

As long as global markets remain volatile and investor fears grow, gold will continue to increase in price.

Taking De-Risking Too Far?


A 10% allocation to equities only makes sense for a retiree with a short time horizon.

Be An Original Online

by Andrew Gluck

Social media works best when advisors offer their own original content.

The Irony Of Micromanaging

by David Lawrence

Micromanagers think they can perform most tasks better than experienced staff members, but in reality they stifle their firm's growth.

Wisdom From The Experts

by Bill Bachrach

These ideas may help you be a more successful financial advisor and a happier human being.

Dreaming Bigger

by Mary Rowland

Life-changing events for advisor Charlie Haines resulted in him transforming his business-and himself.

Rules Of Dumb

by Roy Diliberto

Some advisors use rules that dumb down our profession.

Caretaker Challenges

by Ben Mattlin

Clients who care for aging parents need more than financial and tax help from advisors.

Real-Life Yarns That Amuse And Teach

by Ben Mattlin

Advisors reminisce about first client meetings, personal limitations and surprising discoveries.

The Replacements

by Joni Youngwirth

The pros and cons of choosing an internal successor.

Quiet Revolution

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

StatPro's product tracks the performance of your portfolio models and provides research and analytics for them.

On The Defense

by Marla Brill

Plain-vanilla sectors are leading the ETF pack.

Understanding And Investing In Currencies

by Eric Uhlfelder

Despite volatile exchange rates, foreign currency exposure is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing global portfolios.

Lost In The Crowd

by Bruce W. Fraser

For all their risks, preferred ETFs offer high yields, good liquidity and diversification.

Staying Afloat

by Juliette Fairley

Hedged equity mutual funds provide protection against downside risk, but they are costly.

Not Your Grandma's Bond Portfolio

by Michelle Knight

A dynamic approach to managing fixed-income assets may boost returns and manage interest-rate and inflation risks.

Digging Deeper In Europe

by Marla Brill

In spite of the financial problems Europe faces, many companies thereĀ  have durable appeal, says this manager.

Retirement Survival

by C. Michael Carty and Julia M. Carty

A balance-sheet approach for necessities and life goals has many advantages for clients.

Adding It Up

by Matt Greco

Many companies are unaware of recent changes that make defined benefit plans more attractive.

Forge Ahead

by Eric L. Reiner

Tax planning lies in the eerie shadow of the deficit-reduction talks.

Getting Personal

by Robert Laura

Sharing personal stories and adding humor helps develop deeper relationships with clients, but advisors need to avoid sending the wrong message.

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