April 2020

2020 Independent Broker-Dealer Survey: Changing Times, Changing Tides


Independent broker-dealers take a page from the RIA handbook.

The Facts Of Life For Women Retirees

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The lives of women in retirement often don’t look the same way they do in the ads.

The Ides Of March


The coronavirus could spawn another set of problems for advisors.

A New Operating Plan


It is much more difficult to make necessary changes to an organization when things are going well.

Avoid Mental Accounting For Retirement


It’s difficult to find balance at any stage of life.

We’ve Also Got Wealth Management


Accounting firms could be making a lot more from their wealth management arms if they tried.

The Search For Wellness


Before we can help clients reach their objectives, we might have to help define them.

Choosing The Right Trustee


Choosing the right successor trustee is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Financial Neglect And The Elderly


One advisor saw another professional’s bad advice harm her client’s well-being.

Is Good Staff Hard To Find?


Advisory firms are starved for talent, complain some business owners. That could put the hurt on succession plans.

Sussing Sustainable Investing


What exactly does sustainable, or ESG investing mean?

You Don’t Have To Pit Growth Against Impact


Karina Funk’s fund at Brown Advisory puts sustainability front and center while beating its bogey.

How Estate Plans Fail


The reasons that estate plans fail can be grouped into one of two categories.

Advisor Emporium

FMG Suite Adds AI-Powered Curator To Platform Content Library


FMG Suite, which produces a cloud-based marketing automation platform for financial services professionals, has expanded its platform components to include an artificial intelligence-powered engine...

Editor's Note

Surreal Times


In what many have called the era of disruption, the virus is a disruptive event like none other.

Frontline News

Reg BI Makes Costly Funds Less Appealing To B-Ds


New regulations and client demand for value will result in higher-cost funds being filtered out, says Morningstar.

Why Does The SEC Want To Re-Regulate Geared ETFs?


The SEC’s re-regulation of leveraged and inverse ETFs is unnecessary, says one ETF expert.

Accounting Is A Joke To This Accountant/Financial Planner


Scott Kadrlik moonlights as a comedian who riffs on his profession.

AI Isn’t Out To Eat Advisors’ Lunch


Artificial intelligence needs to be embraced—not feared—by financial advisors, says CFP Board's Jack Brod.