January / February 2022

Look To The Stars


The top advisors in your firm are going to be bringing in most of your results. You should give them your attention and focus.

Will Leadership Change In 2022?


Investors are seeking new sources of return after U.S. stocks doubled in 21 months.

Out With The Old Bull, In With A New Bull


In 2022, opportunities abound for advisors who pivot from making gains to protecting gains.

Is Your Website Ready For 2022?


Here's a checklist for financial advisors to make sure their websites are up to snuff.

An Operating System For Your Business


This program offers a new way to think about it.

New Purposes For ‘Bypass' Trusts In Estate Planning


Full or partial funding of bypass trusts with retirement assets may make sense today.

2022 Could Be The Year Of The Wealth Tech User Experience


Take heart, advisors: Technology is going to get better in 2022.

Rise In At-Home Drinking Is Its Own Epidemic


Alcohol abuse is a growing problem for some clients. Advisors could lose them.

Goals-Based Portfolios

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How can advisors match risk and return with a client's priorities over time?

Income Is The Outcome


The JPMorgan Equity Premium Income Fund employs an options strategy to generate yield.

Taking Assets Off The Table


Domestic asset protection trusts can protect wealthy clients with vulnerable assets.

Left Brain Or Right Brain Retirement


It's not one kind of thinking that's going to serve our clients.

Where Americans Moved To Retire In 2021


The number of retirees who moved in 2021 was the lowest in seven years.

The Worst Insurance Mistakes Business Owners Make


Some unfortunate entrepreneurs lose their businesses because they seek out cheap policies with the least amount of information.

Estate Planning For Foxes And Hedgehogs


Some people want to avoid risks in estate planning, and yet end up making harmful snap decisions.

Advisor Emporium

Calamos Launches New ESG Mutual Fund


Calamos has launched a global sustainable equities fund led by Anthony Tursich and James Madden.

Editor's Note

Advisors' Best Year Ever


The challenge for financial advisors in 2022 may well be to create ways for clients to convert higher levels of wealth into things that give them satisfaction and meaning.

Frontline News

How To Use Reverse 1031 Property Exchanges For Tax Deferrals


The technique differs slightly from traditional 1031 exchanges and requires attention to detail.

What's In Store For ETFs In 2022?


Funds that help investors combat inflation could be in demand.

DOL Warns Firms About Conflicts Lurking In Payout Grids


The department says the grids might push advisors to recommend more expensive products.

Morningstar ESG Chief Asks Herself: What Do Those Trillions Do?


While trillions of dollars have moved into ESG funds, there is little evidence it is having any impact.