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The Specialist

by Jeff Schlegel

Michelle Smith has built a firm based on her divorce specialty practice, and she’s taking that template to other advisors.

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Books Of The Year 2014

by Nick Murray

The year brought a rich and diverse harvest for thoughtful advisors.

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Acknowledge The Elephant

by Deena Katz

Contact clients when the market drops significantly, and be prepared with what to say.

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Building A Winning Team

by Roy Diliberto

Hire the right people, treat them with respect and involve them in decision-making.

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New Tools For Efficiency

by David Lawrence

With so many technology choices, advisors need a specific checklist to evaluate them.

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A-Player Admin Manager

by Bill Bachrach

You will need one whom you trust to help you build the best possible advisory firm.

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Personality Matters

by Russ Alan Prince and Brett Van Bortel

Customize your message about market volatility to wealthy clients.

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No Lone Wolves

by Dan Jamieson

Making a good transition means making a good team, says David Grau.

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Custodians Serving Up Advisor Tools

by Joel Bruckenstein

They are continuing a relentless drive to automate routine tasks.

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MLPs In Play

by Eric L. Reiner

Master limited partnerships’ high yields and promising growth prospects come with tax quirks.

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