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Pure's Play

by Dan Jamieson

Michael Fenison thought he’d retire. instead he created a new model for planning with a major focus on the mass affluent.

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Annuity Aversion, Pension Envy

by Evan Simonoff

Lacking pensions, many Americans dislike annuities, but do they have a choice?

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Alpha For Financial Life Planners

by Roy Diliberto

Advisors who perform many non-investment services don’t need to be in the fee justification business.

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Choosing Conferences

by David Lawrence

Consider the costs vs. educational benefits.

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Unlocking Referrals

by Bill Bachrach

Here’s how to become a better and more referable financial advisor.

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The Wrong People

by Russ Alan Prince & Brett Van Bortel

‘Never Expend X-tra Time’ when someone isn’t acting as your proponent.

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Searching High And Low

by Dan Jamieson

A good market has made it harder to wrangle advisors away to new broker-dealer homes.

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Active Duty

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Training and transferable skills help military veterans succeed as financial advisors.

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Things That Keep Me Up At Night

by Joel Bruckenstein

Advisors and organizations that fail to address these issues will lose opportunities at best and suffer consequences at worst.

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Fast Lane

by Marla Brill

Ralf Scherschmidt looks for companies that are growing aggressively but are reasonably priced.

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