January 2020

Failure To Launch


How do you help a client whose adult child is sucking them dry?

The Mathematical Secret Of RIA Success


The advisory firms that get the best results do so because their members work together in smart ways.

Stuck On The Middle


The bald truth is that instead of catering to the most in need, this profession caters to those most able to pay.

The Five Flavors Of Financial Jell-O


Industry leaders have many definitions for these common words in finance. No wonder the clients are confused.

The Future: The Virtual Family Office


It brings together an elite group of specialists on an as-needed basis who work collaboratively.

A Tale Of Two Offices

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Here’s how to demystify family office choices for the ultra-wealthy client.

The Top 10 Legal Mistakes Made By Early-Stage Companies

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A “field guide” for family office investors to help you avoid these common legal pitfalls.

Advisor Helps $15 Million Client Reduce Taxes And Fears


Even clients with multiple advisors don’t realize all their options to slash tax bills.

When Financial Advice Meets Alzheimer’s Disease


These three lessons can help advisors serve clients.

Uncertainty Pervades 2020 Outlook


Recession fears have receded, but advisors are bracing for lower U.S. equity returns.

Will This Be The Big ETF Story Of 2020?


Leading asset managers are primed to launch a slew of actively managed semi-transparent ETFs.

Tech Maven Leans In To Semiconductors


This fund has narrowly focused on makers of the underrated components.

Give It Away Now


What pro bono work means to the financial planning profession.

Advisor Emporium

LPL Launches No-Transaction-Fee ETF Network


LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer, has introduced a no-transaction-fee, exchange-traded fund network.

Editor's Note

High Anxiety, High Hopes


One of the most difficult problems a financial advisor may confront with clients is how to address excessive spending on adult children.

Frontline News

Advisors Should Regularly Assess Their Fees


Advisors may be shortchanging themselves by not updating their fees when services change, a TD exec said.

The Potential Impact Of The 2020 Election On Wealthy Clients’ Taxes


One thing seems certain: All of the Democratic candidates would raise taxes for the rich to some extent.

What The SECURE Act Means For Annuities


It will make it easier for employers to offer annuities as part of their retirement plans.

Religion Need Not Be An Off-Limits Topic With Clients


Many investors want to engage in faith-based investing, according to Crossmark Global Investment.