Income Planning

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Back To Basics

by Somnath Basu

Advisors don't need to rely on complicated models to help clients avert losses.

Banks Angle for Bigger Share Of $4 Trillion Retirement Market

Retirement savings in the U.S. may swell to $4 trillion over the next four years and the nation's largest banks are angling for a bigger share of that money.

Why Pennsylvania Appeals To Retirees

Pennsylvania now has the third-largest percentage of residents older than 65. Here's why.

Deep Market Drops Throw Retirement Plans Off


What should a client do if she retires right before a severe market slide, turning any previous planning topsy-turvy?

Advisors May Be Overlooking A Big Group Of Potential Clients


A big opportunity exists for financial advisors to build business by helping small business owners provide retirement plans to their employees--and then do personal financial planning for the owners...

Putnam To Launch New Products Aimed At Retiring Baby Boomers


Putnam Investments has announced plans to launch new funds and a planning tool to help advisors work with retirees and soon-to-be-retirees to develop monthly income flows.

Addressing Retirement Anxieties

by Robert Laura

Advisors can help their clients transition to this new phase of life by having broader discussions and shedding some retirement perceptions...

A 'Safe' Retirement Savings Rate

by Dan Moisand

Rather than looking at withdrawal rates, this professor assessed the annual rate at which someone would need to save over 30 years so she doesn't run out of money in retirement.

401(k)s Are Still O(k)

by Jeff Schlegel

Avatar Associates takes a different approach to 401(k) investing.

Mythical Nirvanas

by Mitch Anthony

People strive for certain lifestyles in retirement, but often find they offer diminishing returns.

Stand And Deliver

by Bruce W. Fraser

Yes, you can grow income as a retirement income specialist. Find out how.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

White House Rejects Talk Of Social Security Revamp

Obama administration officials are rejecting the idea of making major changes to Social Security as part of the budget debate, a stance that's drawing protests from deficit hawks.

The Beer And Peanuts Talk

by John Knowlton

Goals were set, analysis completed, and the financial plan worked. But why did this financial advisor feel he had failed his client?

Balances Rise For Consistent 401(k) Savers

It has been a tough decade for 401(k) savers, but new data suggest that being a consistent saver does pay off, at least somewhat and on average.

More Older People Continue Working


The percentage of people age 55 and older in the workforce is at its highest level in more than 35 years, according to a new report.

Boomers Who Put Off Retiring Will Work At Least Four More Years


Half of their baby boomer clients who postponed retirement because of the economic downturn expect to work at least four years longer, say CPA financial planners in a recent survey.

Advisors To Increase VA, SMA Use To Generate Retirement Income


More financial advisors are worried their clients will not be able to generate enough income to get through retirement than are the clients themselves, says a survey of nearly 1,300 advisors.

LPL Introduces New Annuity Platform


LPL Financial launched a variable annuity platform that should offer more appeal to fee-based advisors than many competing offerings.

Boomers May Have Gotten Too Conservative, Study Says


The first wave of baby boomers is hitting the retirement beach with investments worth less than four years ago and may be hurting themselves by retreating too far into conservative investments.

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