Income Planning

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Generating Retirement Income In A 2% World

by Larry Stein

Clients are looking at their savings and interest rates and thinking their golden years will be more like rusty tin...

A Little More To It

by Dan Moisand

Financial advisor Dan Moisand looks at theories behind "safe" withdrawal rates and examines what can derail the best-laid plans.

Independent Brokers Vie For Post-Retirement Business

Some broker-dealers are ramping up their retirement income planning as recession-battered baby boomers turn to them for help.

Navigating The Storm

by Alan Lavine

The plunge in municipal bond prices is making these financial planners more selective in where they put their retiree clients' money. 

Nix Retirement Planning For 'Longevity Planning'


More clients need to plan on how to live better longer rather than on how to "retire," two experts say.

Study: 401(k) Contributions Too Small


The overwhelming majority of 401(k) account holders are not contributing enough of their income to retire by age 65, according to a new report.

The Financial Plan Paradox

by David Lawrence

Advisors try to help clients use their resources more efficiently, but often aren't efficient themselves.

Going Global

by Eric Uhlfelder

Investors have entered some less explored foreign corners of the debt market in their search for yield. So far, it has been paying off, but caution is needed.

Private Placements Woo Investors Looking For Higher Yields

Private placements are being sold to investors even though they may not understand the risks. A FINRA task force is investigating broker-dealers over "problematic" deals.

Advisors May Be Able To Tap Little-Known Vet Benefit For Clients


Financial advisors may be able to help veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and other wars qualify for funds that most people don't know exist.

BoA Sees Big Jump In Roth Conversions


Bank of America has seen a big jump in Roth conversions this year, and an expert there talks about what to consider in determining whether your clients should convert.

Advisors Help Clients Liquidate Assets

No financial advisor wants to help a client cash out savings before retirement just to meet expenses, but more have had to do it lately.


The first problem that financial advisors need to address with clients approaching retirement isn't risk tolerance; it's finding investments that can match their liabilities, or living expenses.

Sharpe On Post Retirement


The Nobel laureate spoke to NAPFA members about what it means to get 4% a year.

Larger IRA Withdrawals in 2010 May Reduce Tax Hit

For U.S. taxpayers making mandatory withdrawals from an individual retirement account, 2010 may be a good year to take out more than necessary because tax rates may rise.

Social Security Should Be A Big Part Of Retirement Planning


Many financial planners overlook complicated aspects of when a client should begin taking Social Security, according to this advisor.

Putnam to Disclose Costs, Fees for 401(k) Plans

Putnam Investments says it will increase transparency of retirement plan fees, showing account holders online the costs they pay on each investment, ahead of federal requirements.

Spending On Elderly Saps U.S. Savings

Elderly Americans' growing consumption of health care and social security benefits has lowered national savings to unhealthy and unsustainable levels, according to one economics scholar.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Dividend Stocks Will Become More Popular

High-yielding stocks are the least liked by fund managers but are poised to gain popularity among a growing population of aging Americans, BoA says.

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