Income Planning

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'Death Spiral' Besets State Pensions

U.S. state pensions have insufficient assets to cover benefits, payouts consuming a growing portion of resources and costs rising twice as fast as investment gains.

Vanguard Recognizes Interest In Annuities

by Alan Lavine

Its new Web site allows advisors to evaluate and buy fixed immediate annuities from a number of insurance companies.

'Silent Heart Attack' For Pensions Driven By Yields

U.S. corporate pension plans are falling behind future payouts to retirees by the most in a decade amid a slowing economy and the lowest bond yields on record.

Insurers Press U.S. To Let Employers Offer Retirement Annuities

It should be easier for employers to offer annuities in their retirement plans because Americans are at risk of outliving their savings, Prudential Financial said at hearing on lifetime income.

Stronger Bonds

by David B. Armstrong

Conducting liability reviews with clients will strengthen your relationships with them.

The Unconventional Dividend-Based Investment Approach 2010

by Don Schreiber Jr.

Now is the time for advisors and investors to rethink conventional buy and hold-growth-stock focused approaches.

What Experts Are Doing With Their Own Roth IRAs

Is it finally time to convert a traditional individual retirement account to a Roth? And if so, how should you do it?

Another Threat To Economy: Boomers Cutting Back

For America's baby boomers, the longer it takes for the economy to recover, the less money they'll have to spend in retirement. Also, older workers are finding it harder to get jobs.

When Trusts Meet Retirement Accounts

Many clients want to control how quickly their children can draw down the retirement accounts they inherit, but setting up trusts can sometimes be a complicated and risky process.

A Good Fit

by Alan Lavine

Immediate annuities fit well in retirement income plans.

Affluent Investors Feel Unprepared For Life Emergencies

Financial advisors should take a look at clients' liquidity and borrowing power, now that the financial crisis has investors more wary, a Merrill Lynch study found.

Not Just A 'Mancession'


Although it was reported that more men than women lost jobs by early 2009, there's no doubt women felt the pain of The Great Recession, too. A study shows many more women expect to work longer.

Retirement May Mean A Lifestyle Downgrade

If your clients are baby boomers, the odds are high they'll exhaust their retirement savings after ten or 20 years of retirement, according to a new report.

Roth IRA Conversions And College Planning

by Troy Onink and Bernard Whalen

Additional income resulting from a Roth conversion may lower financial aid eligibility and impact use of a federal tax credit for education.

Frontline News

Frontline News

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Reverse Mortgages Are Now Less Costly

Reverse mortgages might be more appealing to some clients now that fees have fallen substantially in recent months. Borrowing limits have been reduced, however.

Donations Can Help Offset Roth IRA Bill

Bulking up on charitable donations is one strategy some financial advisors are recommending this year to clients facing a tax hit from moving retirement assets to Roth IRAs.

The Scholar Of Savings

Most people couldn't pick this guy out of a line-up. But this son of a Dead Sea Scroll scholar is the Washington insider figuring out how to boost Americans' retirement savings.

Managing Retirement Income: Part VI

by Jack Gardner

In the final installment of this six-part series, learn how managing the retirement income sequence of returns and reverse dollar cost averaging affect retirement portfolios.

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