Income Planning

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More Retirees With Mortgage Debt May Complicate Financial Planning


A new survey shows that substantially more people may not have their homes paid off when they retire, and that may complicate financial planning.

Reducing Retirement Planning Stress

by Robert Laura

Three simple things advisors can do to shift from a pure numbers-based approach to more of a total client wellness approach.

Retirement Plans Need Bengen, Swensen Models

by Grant Blindbury

Why this advisory firm develops plans for retiring baby boomers using William Bengen's withdrawal rate strategy plus David Swensen's Yale endowment spending policy.

The Unsafe And The Unreal

by Dan Moisand

Advisor Dan Moisand analyzes data on withdrawal rates and comes up with some interesting findings.

Insurers Pair Long-Term Care With Life Insurance To Entice Buyers

The insurance industry, which has struggled to persuade skeptical consumers that they need long-term-care policies, has turned to selling combination products that blend them with traditional life...

Senate Bill Would Limit Savers Using 401(k)s As Rainy-Day Funds

Workers will be limited in tapping their 401(k) retirement plans for loans under legislation two senators plan to introduce today that's designed to counter the erosion of retirement assets.

'Alarming Number' Of Middle-Income Boomers Put Brakes On Retirement


Most middle-income baby boomers are delaying their retirement by an average of five years, according to a new study.

What To Do With Old 401(k) Plans? Many Aren't Sure


Financial advisors may find that a significant number of prospective clients have money sitting in old 401(k) plans, if new Fidelity research is any indication.

Target-Date Funds 'Rebounded Nicely'


Investors who held onto 2010 target-date funds through the 2008 market crisis made modest gains for themselves, and the funds now being created are expanding to include nontraditional asset...

Average 401(k) Balances Reach Highest Level, Fidelity Says

Average balances of 401(k) retirement plans reached the highest level since Fidelity Investments began tracking account values in 1998.

Prudential's Profit Declines 13% On Losses Tied To Derivatives

Prudential Financial Inc., the second-biggest U.S. life insurer, said first-quarter profit decreased 13% on losses tied to derivatives.

Fear Factor


More women than men are worried about having enough money in retirement. Other differences in women's attitudes are important for advisors to know so they can work with them effectively.

Nine Steps For Developing 401(k) Business

by Ary Rosenbaum

Dramatic changes in the 401(k) business offer plenty of opportunity for top-notch financial advisors to increase their business.

Mismanaged 401(k) Plans Need A Good Advisor's Touch

by Michael Lissner

Too many plans are mismanaged. What can we do about it?

Multiple Employer Plans And The 401(k) Advisor

by W. Michael Montgomery

Doors to new business open for financial advisors who can offer 401(k) multiple employer plans to small business clients.

Growing Nonprofit Acorns Into Oaks

by Mike Sheets

Advisors often overlook the hidden potential in managing 401(k) assets for foundations and other nonprofits.

The Retirement Spending Debate

by Dan Moisand

A soon-to-be-published paper has a lot of advisors debating what kind of spending plans are appropriate for their clients.

Retiring With Dividends

by Don Schreiber Jr.

Many advisors use a systematic withdrawal plan from growth funds to provide income for retired clients. That approach fails during bear markets...

'Medieval' Advisors Need To Rethink Retirement Approaches

by Robert Laura

Today's world demands that advisors help clients plan for everyday life in retirement.

Financial Advisors Missing Rollover Business


Nearly half of all advisors are missing out on a lot of business they could obtain by helping people roll over employer sponsored retirement plan assets, says a new study.

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