Income Planning

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Balances Rise For Consistent 401(k) Savers

It has been a tough decade for 401(k) savers, but new data suggest that being a consistent saver does pay off, at least somewhat and on average.

More Older People Continue Working


The percentage of people age 55 and older in the workforce is at its highest level in more than 35 years, according to a new report.

Boomers Who Put Off Retiring Will Work At Least Four More Years


Half of their baby boomer clients who postponed retirement because of the economic downturn expect to work at least four years longer, say CPA financial planners in a recent survey.

Advisors To Increase VA, SMA Use To Generate Retirement Income


More financial advisors are worried their clients will not be able to generate enough income to get through retirement than are the clients themselves, says a survey of nearly 1,300 advisors.

LPL Introduces New Annuity Platform


LPL Financial launched a variable annuity platform that should offer more appeal to fee-based advisors than many competing offerings.

Boomers May Have Gotten Too Conservative, Study Says


The first wave of baby boomers is hitting the retirement beach with investments worth less than four years ago and may be hurting themselves by retreating too far into conservative investments.

Is It Really 'Fixed' Income?

by Dan Moisand

Many retirees count on such investments to support them, but the truth is the income from them can vary, sometimes dramatically.

Retirement To Change Drastically, Merrill Says


Retirement will be unrecognizable in the future when it is compared to what has been known in the past few decades, according to Merrill Lynch financial experts.

Mistiming Retirement

by Somnath Basu

The portfolios of many people who retired shortly before the 2008 market crash still have not recovered. But advisors can help to mitigate such "sequence risks."

Revisiting All Those Roth IRA Conversions

Financial advisors should beware of a looming hangover from last year's boom in Roth IRA conversions.

Gundlach: Muni Market Is In Denial

Is the municipal bond market in the same state of denial as the equity and mortgage-backed securities markets were in late 2007? Jeffrey Gundlach, the founder of Doubleline who put together a...

Savers Can't Return IRA Payouts for Charity, IRS Says

U.S. Taxpayers who took IRA distributions won't be able to return them to give directly to a charity, the IRS said.

The Dark Side Of Retirement

by Robert Laura

There is a hidden epidemic taking place in the shadows of retirement...

An Eye On The Target


Retirement plan advisors soon may be required to scrutinize target-date funds more closely.

A Dollar ? A Dollar

by Dan Moisand

In retirement, a dollar in an IRA is worth less than a dollar in a taxable account, but financial advisors can position clients so they keep the most from withdrawals.

Playing Catch Up

by Frank Jaffe

How do we help baby boomer clients who don't have enough money to retire?

Dealing With A Psychologically Impaired Client

How far would you go to help a psychologically impaired client? This advisor went above and beyond.

Hoenig Says Recovery Solid, Opposed To Fed Policy

The Kansas City Fed chief says he's increasingly confident the recovery is sustainable and likely to gain strength.

Gross: Favor EM Debt As U.S. Continues Deficit Spending

Pimco's Bill Gross says debt in emerging market countries will offer more return and protection than U.S. bonds as this country continues perpetual trillion-dollar deficits.

Paying Dividends


The malaise in fixed-income yields is proving to be the perfect excuse for income investors to look at dividend strategies.  

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