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You Can’t Buy Market Insurance, But You Can Protect Your Portfolio


Buying a downside put on the market can effectively protect portfolio assets from downward spikes, says this manager.

Europe And The Grecian Formula


All Greek dramas aside, Europe already is starting to show signs of pronounced rebounds, says Matt Lloyd of Advisors Asset Management.

After Aligning Perfectly In 2014, What's In the Stars For Munis In 2015?


Pension liabilities present the biggest long-term fiscal challenge for many state and local governments. Issuers’ ability to implement reform will be a key differentiator in the market.

European QE Will Probably Be A Mixed Bag


QE will jumpstart Europe’s stock markets, but it’s unlikely to save the economy.

The Eye Of The Beholder


By sticking with a disciplined security selection process, you'll be far less likely to pay auction house prices for a yard sale stock, says the CIO of WBI Investments.

The Oil Price Plunge: We’ve Been Here Before

by Marian Kessler

Despite the new energy paradigm since the 1970s, there have been only a handful of times in the last four decades where the price of oil has fallen as much as it has in the last six months.

The Upside Of Seeing The Downside

by Jim Jessee

The five-year bull market won't tell you everything about investment managers' performance.

Five Reasons To Buy India ETFs Even After Last Year’s Monster Rally

by Phil DeAngelo

This portfolio manager says the world’s largest democracy shows no signs of cooling off in 2015.

Outlook 2015: Emerging Market Equities

by Allan Conway

Challenges remain in these countries, especially if there's a strong U.S. dollar.

Taking Off The Training Wheels: Integrating Equity Volatility As An Asset Class

by ,

Equity volatility represents an investible asset class which is geared toward turning uncertainty into a source of opportunity, say these managers.

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