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Pause, Refresh And Reinforce

by Gene Peroni

In the wake of a sell-off inspired by conflict in Russia and Israel, technical analysis indicates the worst of the near-term downside may be behind us, says market strategist Gene Peroni Jr.

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

by Kenneth A. Kim

Many public companies base their capital expenditures on whatever investors happen to desire at the time—such as paying dividends.

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Truth And Consequences

by Gary Stroik

Investors who are anxious to chase rising indexes by adding more risk to their portfolios need to understand the potential consequences of such a move, says Gary E...

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The U.S. GDP Number Doesn’t Lie

by Dawn Bennett

Housing starts, personal consumption expenditure and durable good orders show the truth, says portfolio manager Dawn Bennett.

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Benefits Of Optimizing Portfolio Capture Ratios


Over the past decade, many investors have discovered that conventional passive growth stock approaches failed to meet their goals.

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Why The Middle East Matters: Oil Prices And The U.S. Economy

by Brad McMillan

Rising turmoil in two major oil-producing states, Iraq and Iran, spells trouble, but the U.S. is much better positioned to ride out the storm than it has been in the past.

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Quality In A Changing World

by Jan van Eck

A money manager asks: Could there be a better way to invest in international and emerging markets than just buying the entire broad market?

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Retail Apocalypse And Negative GDP Point To Unsustainable U.S. Stock Market

by Dawn Bennett

Evidence continues to pile up that the next recession has already begun.

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Designing For Resource Efficiency

by Pieter Busscher

A number of software companies are well positioned to benefit from expected growth in the 3D modeling market, says RobecoSAM portfolio manager Pieter Busscher.

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Crashes, Cash And The Art Of Long-Term Investing

by Steve Vannelli

If you could choose what happens in the stock market tomorrow, would you prefer it to double or drop by two-thirds? For long-term investors, the choice may not be as obvious as it seems, says this...

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